Vegan Delights

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43 Wellington Street,
Sioux Lookout


About Vegan Delights

Vegan Delights is a plant-based Catering and Take-Out business. Our dishes can be enjoyed by all as we cater to individuals with food allergies, special diets & everyone in between…so that no one feels ‘left out’.

Up to 95% of our products are hand-made from scratch and do not contain dairy, eggs or highly processed foods. Every effort is made to use organic products and we stand by our word that you’ll love all we make while enjoying the remarkable health benefits of our ‘deliciously healthy’ plant-based food at its best.

We now ship orders Canada-wide and to Northern communities!

How to Buy from Vegan Delights

Order online at or visit our storefront at 43 Wellington Street in Sioux Lookout.