Rock Front Family Farm

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27 Queen Street, Sioux Lookout, ON

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About Rock Front Family Farm

Rock Front Family Farm is a small, diverse, family owned and operatedĀ  Microgreens Farm. We offer a wide variety of microgreens and microgreen mixes.

We service our local community and surrounding areas weekly with freshly harvested greens that are packed with nutrition! We grow our greens indoors, in a controlled environment, utilizing organic practices, which allows us to produce a high quality product. Our greens are only grown in SOIL, which is the way nature intended which ensures their natural flavor and nutrient profiles.

Our goal is to help create food security in our local community and depend less on inputs from outside our country.

We offer a Weekly or Bi-Weekly subscription service that has flexible size options for everyone. Nutrition is a big part of our everyday lives and we strive to help everyone gain access to that without them having paying a substantial premium to get it.

We look forward to building relationships within our community and want to make a difference. Eat Healthy, Eat Local!

How to Buy from Rock Front Family Farm

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Subscriptions for Microgreens can be setup by contacting us via email, phone, or on our Facebook page.

Subscription offerings include:

Small/Single ‘Micro’ — $10/week and include (1) single crop choice or Micro-Mix

Regular ‘Micro’ — $20/week and include (2) single crops or Micro Mixes

Large ‘Micro’ — $40/week and include (4) single crops or Micro Mixes.

Crops and Mixes Available:

Single Crops — (150g) Sunflower Shoots, (150g) Pea Shoots, or (130g) Radish

Micro Mixes — (150g) Mild Micro Mix (Sunflower, Pea, Broccoli Raab, Crimson Clover and Purple Kohlrabi)

(150g) Spicy Micro Mix (Sunflower, Pea, Red Radish and Triton Radish)


Our growing schedules are very tight and plan our weeks carefully to ensure we are producing the proper amounts for our Subscribers. We are happy to switch orders up week to week for subscribers, but ask for 10 days notice.

Cash or EMT are accepted payment options.

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