Lokah Sangha Yoga

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11 Casimir Ave,
Dryden, Ontario
P8N 2G7

(807) 220-4393


About Lokah Sangha Yoga

Lokah Sangha Yoga (LSY) is a yoga studio serving the Dryden and surrounding area. Our goal is to help educate and assist individuals on their journey to health and inner peace through the traditional teachings of Hatha Yoga. LSY is committed to bringing the holistic teachings of yoga in a practical way to suit modern times. We pride ourselves in being an institution for self-development and growth towards a more peaceful way of life.


How to Buy from Lokah Sangha Yoga

Follow this link to sign up for classes, Schedule – LOKAH SANGHA YOGA or join our virtual studio to practice from anywhere, Virtual Studio | Awaken with Carly!

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