Cedar Bay Geocache Trail

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About Cedar Bay Geocache Trail

Friends of Cedar Bay is a not-for-profit organization of community volunteer members committed to the revitalization of the Cedar Bay Outdoor Recreation Complex, a municipally owned facility located along the shores of Pelican Lake in Sioux Lookout, Ontario.

Experience the Cedar Bay Geocache Trail! Geocaching is a recreational activity that uses a GPS device to seek items or containers, referred to as the cache, in a certain location.  Collect all 13 passport stamps and you are eligible to receive a special limited edition Geocache Coin.  Visit the Travel Information Centre to redeem your passport.

How to Buy from Cedar Bay Geocache Trail

Pick up your official Cedar Bay Geocache Trail  Passport at the Travel Information Centre or at the Cedar Bay Trail Head Kiosk.  You can also download a copy – click on the Geocache Passport menu under Activities / Geocache Trail.

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